I’m from Diwaniya and I have a deep interest in art and design. I’d love for my work to be world famous one day.

In my art, I like to use words and merge them with the speakers to create a portrait. For example, I have recreated Van Gogh’s portrait using the words from the last letter he sent to his brother Theo.

Baghdadi Eyes: Her eyes are really beautiful to the degree that we can say they are from Baghdad or like the beauty of Baghdad

Save Me: Represents the feeling of deep sadness when you cannot express yourself and you have no one to talk to. The shape of the hand talks for you instead.

Mesopotamian: To the first civilization on earth who created writing. Mesopotamian history is Iraqi history.

TypoIraqi: Merges the art of typography and our home Iraq to portray how we love our country and our language.

Shaddeh Ya Ward: Refers to a game played by children in Iraq before the rise of the internet. Many Iraqi diaspora would have played this game as children.

Sumerian-Iraqi: Merges the Mesopotamian language and our home Iraq to portray how we love our heritage.

Fire in the hearts: This is the famous quote “the martyrdom of Hussain kindles such a fire in the hearts of the believers which will never extinguish” in honour of Imam Hussain and the month of Moharram.

“Labaik Ya Hussain”: In honour of Imam Hussain (a.s) and the month of Moharram.

‘Hob’ means ‘love’ in Arabic.

The design has a pattern of Arabic words in the background which represents the complexity of love. The word ‘love’ in the foreground describes how simply we can express these complex feelings.

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