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This is a guest post by our writing competition winner Alaa Ghassan Qahtan, an engineering student at Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad. Alaa aspires to one day be an unforgettable writer and has been writing articles since 2015. After publishing her first article in 2016, Alaa has tried to create her own writing style as she believes that writing can affect society and make it a better place to live. For this reason, nobody should underestimate the power of words.

For centuries, humans have faced a lot of different circumstances from environmental changes including natural disasters to unfamiliar illnesses that spread rapidly. Humans understand that unity and solidarity in such situations are the only defence for their survival on this earth.

Nowadays, we are facing a new crisis, the Coronavirus (COVID-19). Due to this pandemic, the entire world has become just like a small village in which its inhabitants feel the same pain and fight against the same invisible enemy.

The continuous human effort to make their life easier, unlike in the past, has led to the invention of a ring to bring people together much faster – the Internet. During this quarantine, the internet is considered a major way to spend time. So how can we use it to increase the productivity of an individual?

What Does Productivity Really Mean?

Firstly, we need to know what an individual’s productivity means and why it is important.

It means ‘completing tasks that put you closer to accomplishing your set goals on time and helps you bring more balance and simplicity to your life’. Alternatively, it is a measure of an individual’s ability to acquire new skills that make them more active in their community.

It is important because if we have high productivity, we can complete our targets and goals and we can spend more time on personal hobbies, passions and with family. It also helps us to feel in control by completing our daily tasks and reducing our stress levels.

Recently, the Internet has offered many opportunities to increase our productivity during the quarantine. Let us take a look at a few of them:

1. Language Courses

To start studying or working in your own country or abroad, knowing a language in addition to your native language is a great way to stand out.

There are many online courses to learn new languages – some of them even for free. Just find the right course for you and enjoy adding a language to your skillset.


2. Increase Your Knowledge

The internet is the world’s biggest library. From novels, stories and poetry to learning resources for a specific subject, there are many things you can learn. Universities all over the world are also offering free online courses.

Students studying textbooks

3. Food is Everything!

On the internet, you can travel far and wide to learn about international culinary arts. For example Italian, Spanish, or Indian cuisine, and even vegan dishes! You can also follow a healthy diet to control your weight.

Quarantine is a great time to unleash your inner chef.

Cooking cartoons

4. Feed Your Creativity

Have you ever dreamed of being an artist or a musician?

Many creatives are sharing their skills online. Here’s a chance for you to give wings to your talents. Get ready to be the next celebrity!

Musical show or concert set

5. Our Green Planet

Coronavirus has sent a clear message telling us that we are not allowed to use everything on earth without consequences. Now, it is our turn to give back to our planet. Tree-planting and horticulture can lead the way. 

If you have a garden, do think about using it to grow plants and food. Gardening is not just a peaceful and calming activity but also lets you spend quality family time, especially with children, to get them in touch with nature.

Even without a garden, consider buying house plants and decorating your home with them.

House plants

Final Points

Our modern lives are based around technology and we are generally curious about it – especially whilst in quarantine! Technology is even helping us respond to Coronavirus.

On the internet, you can acquire new skills like computer programming, graphic design, web design, or photography. These skills will add to your resume and may help you find a job.

The Internet is a tool and its benefits depend on how we use it. If used effectively it can not only add value to our personal lives by helping us become better, it can also provide us with the platform to connect yourself with the world in a more meaningful and purposeful way.

In the end, we have to mention a spectacular way to increase your productivity – love.

During these days, your family needs your warmest words to make them feel secure, safe and cared for. Remember, we are in this together.

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