15 Accounts You Should Follow To Learn About Iraq’s Tech And Startup Ecosystem

Social media platforms are a main source of news, updates, advertisements and outreach to audiences around the world. This is especially true in Iraq, where a large section of the population have a presence on one or more social media platforms. The three major platforms in Iraq by dominance are Facebook, Instagram and Twitter respectively. The popularity of such platforms prompts businesses of all shapes and sizes to have a strong and consistent presence on them.

If you’re obsessed with your phone and social media, and are interested in learning more about the Iraqi tech and startup landscape, keep reading for our list of must follow accounts.

What is the Difference Between Social Media Platforms?

Different social media platforms serve different audiences with different content. The three platforms are used in the following ways by businesses:


As the OG social media, Facebook is the dominant platform in the country with most businesses having a presence on it. In the early days of business, many startups ran on Facebook first to sell products, which helped with establishing proof of concept and creating an initial sales pipeline.

Facebook is also used to promote training courses and conduct community outreach through their messaging service.


More popular with the younger generation, Instagram’s creative features such as Stories and Reels makes it a go-to platform for startups to publish updates, behind-the-scenes activities and seek engagement with their audience through questions and polls.


Although it is the least popular , Twitter is nonetheless an influential platform in the country. It is slowly becoming a gateway for businesses to publish quick updates and instant news.

Accounts to Follow

Many of the accounts mentioned below have a presence on other platforms than the ones mentioned here. However, we’ve included the accounts that are either the most active or relevant to the subject. We highly recommend that you visit the other platforms of these accounts to get a holistic view of their work.

1.  Iraqi Innovators (Instagram)

Well, duh. If you’re here, that means you follow us already. But make sure you’re signed up to our monthly newsletter and follow us on social media.

If this is your first time, we publish articles, stories and updates about the startup and tech ecosystem in Iraq. We aim to cover stories from across the country to give you a holistic understanding of what is happening. We’re passionate about documenting the ecosystem’s growth and have been doing so since 2018.

2. Iraqpreneurs – رواد العراق (Facebook)

An entrepreneurship platform supporting small businesses and giving updates on Iraqi entrepreneurship. The account hosts regular interviews with Iraqi tech leaders and entrepreneurs offering an insight into the Iraqi startup scene.

3. INNOVEST ME (Twitter)

INNOVEST ME is a buy-in firm that partners with high potential entrepreneurs and SME founders during their startup and growth stage in the South West Asian and North African region (SWANA). Their Twitter account is a great place to learn the latest funding and investment news in Iraq and SWANA and understand the investment trends in the region.

4. KAPITA (Facebook)

A private sector development company publishing investment opportunities, research, and programs. Their analyses on the Iraqi business landscape is one to watch out for!

5. Iraq Business News (Facebook)

A reliable business news website that focuses on different sectors from oil and gas to tech in Iraq. A must follow if you’re interested in the Iraqi economy and wider business sectors outside of tech and startups.  

6. Takween Accelerator (Instagram)

As the first Iraqi accelerator, they offer training and investment opportunities to startups and entrepreneurs. It’s a good source to get educated about entrepreneurship tips and tricks whilst also learning about the businesses in their cohorts.

7. Erbil Innovation House (Instagram)

An Erbil-based co-working space, their Instagram is useful to learn about upcoming events related to the wider maker movement. They work with local makers to showcase their work and provide activities for people to get involved.

8. AUIS Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center (AEIC) (Twitter)

Based in the American University of Iraq, Sulaimaniya campus, the account retweets start up and entrepreneurship events in Iraq. It is useful for learning about Iraqi startups and events hosted by AEIC.

9. المحطة – The Station (Facebook)

Baghdad’s first co-working space, their Facebook offers updates on events and programs being offered. Most interesting are their panel discussions with experts from across Iraq.

10. Mosul Space (Instagram)

Mosul Space is a great example of the persistence and tenacity Iraqi youth have in the face of challenges. With its diverse activities, their account keeps you updated on events in Mosul’s startup scene and provides valuable resources to young entrepreneurs to improve their capabilities.

11. Science Camp مخيم العلوم (Facebook)

Science Camp is a maker space based in Basrah, utilising the talent and potential of Iraqi youth to create and innovate. The camp provides training, coaching, and resources to make their projects come to true.

Their Facebook page offers updates on the progress of the Iraqi maker movement. Check out the news on the annual robotics competition where they represent Iraq on the global stage.

12. Google Developer Groups (Facebook)

The official Google Developer Groups in Iraq include the brightest minds in software development. The account provides updates on local community-run meetups for developers interested in tech resources and technology from Google – from Baghdad to Basrah to Najaf to Erbil.

13. Five One Invest  (Twitter)

The account provides updates on the Iraqi investment scene and information on the trajectory of startup investment in the country. They also send out a monthly newsletter.

14. Founder Institute Levant (Instagram)

The institute, the world’s largest pre-seed startup accelerator, opened their doors in Iraq recently. Check out their online speaker sessions with Iraqi entrepreneurs.

15. Cewas Middle East (Facebook)

For anyone interested in Iraq’s waste management and green initiatives in Iraq this account is for you.

Ahmed Aldazdi

I am a tech enthusiast, geologist, mapper, writer and historian. I enjoy writing in-depth subjects about emerging technologies and the tech economy, along with analysing business trends to provide a better understanding of the Iraqi business landscape.

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