Writing The Change.

Iraqi Innovators is a social good startup with a mission to change the narrative about Iraq through quality content, training Iraqi copywriters and supporting the creative industry.


It’s not all just war and conflict. Things are happening. 

Real startups. 

Real entrepreneurs. 

Real stories.


Digital Copywriting Program

For the first time in Iraq, we’re launching a digital copywriting program in July 2020. 

The program will train 15 writers in content writing skills including SEO, keyword research, and more.

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Our club takes place twice a month at Moja Center in Najaf. The club covers different topics and themes from genre writing to professional writing.

We are a part of a network of clubs in Sierra Leone and The Netherlands where members connect with each other and share feedback.


Zahra Shah

Zahra Shah


Zahra was fed up of people asking if Iraq had supermarkets and malls. She started this platform to tackle common perceptions of Iraq related to war and conflict and shed a light on the tech and startup sector. 

Zahra has a background and passion in using tech and entrepreneurship as a tool for empowering people affected by conflict. But is mindful that international perceptions can hinder a country’s growth if it remains unchallenged. 

And yes, Iraq does have malls and supermarkets.


Amara Bandukada

MARcomms lead

Amara is a Marketing, Communications and Business Development professional. She has worked on projects in information services, advertising and non-profit organisations, where she addressed cultural audiences across South Asia, the Middle East and the West. 

She is highly passionate about leveraging her prowess for projects that leave footprints in the world, and especially loves exploring ways to integrate tech and AI for social good.  

Amara is a mastermind at engaging audiences and create a movement. 

Fatimah Neamah

Fatimah Neamah


Fatimah is a graduate of the Languages Faculty, English Translation department from the University of Kufa. She is our Digital Copywriter and Translator where she translates English articles to Arabic, researches and writes original content in English and Arabic, and manages all social media channels.

Fatimah is based in Najaf where she single-handedly manages the creative writing club and everything in between. Without her, we wouldn’t be able to build the community we have today.

And that’s a fact.

Esther Kamara

Esther Kamara


Trainer, mentor and supporter, Esther has  set up online spaces across the world, where writers can connect, share, and improve their writing. 

Esther likes to explore the bridges and boundaries between West-African and western culture. Her dual nationality allows her to delve deeper into cross-cultural issues, including the impact and development of technology and access to cultural texts, digital tools and creative skills. 

Esther believes in the power of writing to empower local voices. 


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