Words inspire and influence as our generation moves from the printing press revolution towards digital copy. 

For Iraq to move forward, we must move past the war rhetoric and focus on its success and growth.

We tackle this through our platform and trainings. We amplify Iraqi voices and encourage them to generate content and document the future in their words. 

Over five years, each cohort of 15 writers in our Digital Copywriting Program will contribute to Iraq’s GDP by up to $4 million. 

Entrepreneurs will contribute even more.

We have to think long term about our impact and the role we play in a country.

The economic benefits of building a technology and creative industry is  immeasurable. These industries have a vast amount of opportunities available for individuals, businesses and nations.

We’re leaving behind a long-lasting legacy that will benefit Iraq for generations.

Digital skills come in a variety of forms, from coding to product management. 

We offer skills that are in-demand by local employers to fill the gap between the needs of employers and the skills of youth and women. 

There are currently no programs in Iraq that focus on digital copywriting, yet there are thousands of Humanities graduates that cannot find employment. 

Not only will graduates of our programs be able to get a job locally, they’ll also stand a better chance in working remotely for international clients and companies.

Finding the right employees with the right skills is a huge challenge. Many local businesses rely on hiring remotely to fill any gaps, or spend six months on training.

By creating a pipeline of highly skilled job seekers, we can not only provide opportunities for local talent but also help businesses find the right people to join their teams.




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