iQ Cars Launches Commercial And Machinery Vehicle Marketplace

Amer Salih, founder of car marketplace iQ Cars, has launched a new commercial vehicle and machinery marketplace called iQ Fleet which includes fleet services for companies. 

Founded in November 2020, iQ Cars has grown to become a serious player among Iraqi online marketplaces. Already the platform has signed up over 700 car showrooms, has over 80,000 registered members, and more than 12,000 active car listings. The car filter search and the smooth design has quickly made the app very popular with 11,000+ Google Ratings. 

After working as a software engineer in Sweden, Amer returned to Iraq to work in the advertising and marketing business. In 2016, Amer headed the marketing for Toyota, Hino, and Lexus brands in Iraq until late 2020 when he resigned to focus on his startup iQ Cars. 

The combination of software engineering, marketing and automotive experience has helped grow iQ cars to what it is today. The app has been downloaded 600,000+ times and aims to be the market leader in online car listings within the year. 

The app is powered by ‘data engines’ that solves the issue with text input for car listing, making it language-independent.

Anyone can create a car listing with one hand only and no text input is required, the car listing is then displayed in Arabic, Kurdish, or English. 

Amer Salih, Founder of iQ Cars

iQ Cars is often mistaken as just a marketplace, but this is just one part of it. The platform offers its users a variety of solutions including third party car check reports from CarFax and AutoCheck, smart lead generation solutions, advertising solutions, and for buyers, a “watch” feature is available to monitor the market for specific models. Soon, it will include AI solutions to speed up editing and review of car listings. 

With the introduction of iQ Fleet, Amer calls it “a necessity to democratise the commercial vehicle market” in Iraq.

“It’s a very tough market to understand if you are not familiar with commercial and machinery vehicles; the variables are many and very complex. Our focus is on delivering a marketplace with fleet services, and we will launch with 200 listings on the first day. Very few players are dominating the market, but we will make it easier to buy or sell any commercial vehicle and get proper fleet services anywhere in Iraq.”

Amer Salih, Founder of iQ Cars

The startup has many ideas to improve the car market and Amer says a lot depends on his first seed round investment. iQ cars has already raised a 6-figure pre-seed round in 2022. 

Zahra Shah

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