Iraqi Innovators Launches First Event In London

In an effort to build an international community of supporters and allies for Iraq’s startup sector, Iraqi Innovators held its first in-person event in London on 25th November 2022. The day began with a presentation by co-founders Amara Bandukada and Zahra Shah explaining the work of Iraqi Innovators and providing an overview of the Iraqi startup ecosystem.

The event was sold out quickly and attendees included angel investors, Iraqi diaspora, members of London’s tech community, and those interested in learning more about what is happening in Iraq.

During the presentation Ammar Ameen, CEO of e-commerce startup Miswag, joined via Zoom. Ammar discussed Miswag’s growth over the years, fundraising challenges, and answered lots of questions from the audience. “Hearing from Ammar was inspiring” said an attendee.

Ammar Ameen on Zoom
Ammar Ameen presenting via Zoom

I didn’t know there were any tech startups in Iraq. Coming to this event has been an eye-opener.

The level of interest in the event was higher than expected and the Iraqi Innovators team is planning to conduct more events in the future. “It is wonderful to see the appetite among the UK’s tech community to learn more about Iraq. For future events, we will focus on different themes to provide a holistic view of what is happening in the country.” Says Amara Bandukada.

“Our goal has always been to amplify Iraqi voices and we have done this largely through our blog. For the first time, we are able to do this live and in-person, and the response has been phenomenal. We’re excited to organise more events and speakers from Iraq!”

Zahra Shah, Co-founder of Iraqi Innovators

If you would like to attend the next event, then register your interest here.

Zahra Shah

I've been working in startups and emerging markets for over 8 years, with a focus on growing tech ecosystems in Palestine and Iraq. I truly believe that Iraq can provide valuable opportunities for businesses looking to launch or expand here, and i'm interested in supporting others who want to venture to a country that people are traditionally skeptical to pursue. A big part of this is to change the current perceptions of Iraq through quality content by highlighting some of the everyday success stories that are overshadowed by other news.

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