Talabatey Launches Academy Dedicated To Developing Talent For The Workforce

With the significant expansion of Talabatey’s services, one of Iraq’s leading food delivery apps, the company underwent a comprehensive overhaul of its operational systems, all of which were developed in-house. This expansion created a corresponding need for a substantial increase in technical expertise. However, the shortage of developers in the job market, whether due to increasing demand or initial lack of expertise, posed a challenge for Talabatey. In response, the company made a strategic decision to address this issue.

The decision was made to establish the Talabatey Academy, an institution dedicated to cultivating expertise and preparing individuals for integration into the company’s workforce. This initiative not only ensures the company’s access to a pool of proficient professionals but also addresses the broader demand in the job market, particularly in terms of developers and technicians.

Talabatey Academy

The groundwork for the academy commenced over a year ago, meticulously preparing lecture halls and curricula, with a focus on meeting all technical prerequisites. Supervisors and developers, integral to the success of the workshops, were trained to assume crucial roles in the academy.

Comprising a diverse range of training courses, the academy’s curriculum will predominantly cover programming and design. Additionally, there will be courses in marketing and data analysis, as well as the qualification of employees in operations departments on the platforms.

The training programs will be structured into three main components: the theoretical aspect, encompassing the scientific material; workshops that apply acquired knowledge to systems designed for this purpose; and finally, the graduation project, where students undertake practical tasks, culminating in the award of a graduation certificate, ensuring the most accomplished individuals secure positions within the company.

Talabatey is committed to providing robust support to the academy, both financially and logistically, with the aim of nurturing a generation of hundreds of developers and technicians. This initiative is not merely for the benefit of Talabatey but is a contribution to bolstering the talent pool in the Iraqi labor market.

Habib Zreik

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