Talabatey Launches NOC, A Hub Dedicated to Enhancing Service Delivery

In light of the remarkable increase in service requests observed over the past six months across various service categories, particularly with the weekend recording an astounding 25,000 successful requests alone, the projected annual growth for 2023 is expected to reach 100%.

In a strategic move to sustain and elevate service quality, Talabatey, one of Iraq’s leading food delivery apps, has taken the initiative to establish a dedicated hub overseeing all operational facets—Talabatey NOC. This centre, developed by Talabatey Technologies, the technical arm of Talabatey, aims to fortify the infrastructure and enhance service efficiency.

Talabatey NOC

Talabatey NOC operates as an integrated system, both in terms of infrastructure and software. Leveraging cutting-edge artificial intelligence technologies, it comprehensively monitors all aspects of operations, swiftly identifying and addressing any anomalies that could potentially impact order processes.

The monitoring scope extends to identifying malfunctions in Internet networks, infrastructure, or logistics, operating not only at the national level but also at a granular scale—whether it be a specific governorate, region, or even down to the level of an individual user.

The centre has demonstrated significant strides in diagnosing technical issues and proactively resolving them before they have a cascading effect on end users. Positioned as a vital component within a broader strategic vision, the Talabatey NOC plays a pivotal role in upholding service quality amidst the substantial surge in demand.

Habib Zreik

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