Eduba Launches Educational Super App

Edtech platform Eduba has launched its ‘’Super App’’ – the first EdTech super app in Iraq and SWANA that offers multiple services. Unlike other educational apps, the Eduba super app has four essential components in their all-in-one learning management system, which includes interactive learning content, ride hailing, and payments.

“Our eyes are on the Iraqi and MENA market as we launch the first app of its kind that revolutionises the use of EdTech for purposes outside the classroom.”

 Azad Hassan, Founder and CEO of Eduba

All-in-one Learning Management System

Whether a student, teacher, educator, school administration, bus driver, or vendor, the Eduba super app provides you with the following range of SaaS tools to enrich the learning journey:


Mishwarik is a ride-hailing feature where users can ride with a trusted and verified driver – Captain Eduba.

For parents sending children to school, this is especially useful so that they can track the child’s journey. Bus drivers can also join the app as a Captain.

2. Jizdan

The other pivot is Jizdan, an e-payment ecosystem. With the goal of making users cashless, Jizdan provides parents, students and school administrators with an easy and secure e-payment gateway to fulfil the financial inclusion the Iraqi government has been seeking.

“The last three years of working on a Learning Management System gave us precious experiences that the Iraqi market has many undiscovered opportunities in its pocket, specifically in the educational sector”

 Azad Hassan, Founder and CEO of Eduba

At the start, Eduba’s focus was to be a learning management system that enables institutional administrations to deliver asynchronous and synchronous educational courses. Their mission has now shifted to “enrich the learning journey” which has led to the launch of the super app.

This crucial shift has been made based on intense market research. Eduba have been observing the Iraqi market and have noticed major changes in its perspective of using EdTech applications after the COVID-19 pandemic. As such, the new super app is a multipurpose app instead of a single-purpose app.

The Eduba super app is accredited by the Ministry of Education in Iraq. This accreditation gives Eduba unlimited access to the 25,000+ educational institutions in Iraq. Moreover, they are partnering with Qi card, one of the biggest financial services company in Iraq that provide state-of-the-art finical inclusion services to include its services in the ecosystem.

“We are confident that this super app is going to be a turning point in the EdTech arena. For Iraq, we are leading the change of being a tech-savvy community in any aspect of the educational ecosystem. Our data-driven expectation is that Eduba super app will eat at least 10% of the Iraqi market share in five years from now”

 Azad Hassan, Founder and CEO of Eduba

Eduba’s vision is to create a big name in Iraq and the SWANA region. This app will be used to maintain track of the educational institution’s relevant processes order, learn through games and fun contents, make payments, taxi-ordering and tracking the safety of children, order food, and many other services.

About Eduba

Eduba is an Iraqi Edtech startup founded in Baghdad in 2019. It launched as a Learning Management System that operates in 3 different countries: Iraq, Turkey, and China. Recently, the startup’s mission has been shifted to becoming a super app for every stakeholder within the educational ecosystem including kindergarten, preschools, and k-12 schools, and administrators, students, educators and teachers, owners, and parents, to maintain track of the institution’s relevant processes.

You can download the app on iOS or Android. To learn more about Eduba, click here.

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