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Homele: Iraq’s AI-enabled Platform For Your Real Estate Needs

Soran Hamawandi was frustrated every time he came across a property advertised in Iraq. The advert either didn’t mention the price, floor plan, or location.  He wondered how he could apply his entrepreneurial experience, having founded two previous startups, to address the issue of information asymmetry that customers in Iraq encountered with real estate platforms […]Read More اقرأ المزيد

7 Iraqi Apps You Need To Download In 2024

In the midst of global digitisation, Iraq is keeping pace with innovation, particularly through the ingenious efforts of its young developers. Here are seven must-have Iraqi apps for your 2024 download list, each offering a unique set of services. 1. Andalusi: For the Creative Souls! ? Andalusi is a graphic design app for designing visual […]Read More اقرأ المزيد

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