Tech Hub, Bringing Developers In Mosul Together

In a city embraced by the shadow of untold stories, a significant transformation is taking place. Despite the challenges and setbacks faced due to years of conflict, a promising tech scene emerges in Mosul, defying the echoes of the barriers that once existed.

Led by initiatives like the Shaalan Marwan Tech Hub, Mosul’s tech scene is growing, attracting talent, encouraging innovation, and challenging the odds. The hub consists of weekly sessions held within the walls of the QAF Lab, discussing topics ranging from Data Science and UX/UI design to Backend Development and Cloud Computing.

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Shaalan Marwan, 26, the lead software engineer at Qaf Lab, says that the Tech Hub is like a dream he was finally able to turn into reality. Equipped with experiences in delivering courses and mentoring junior programmers, he was able to lead twelve sessions so far, reaching over 100 members of this community.

“At Tech Hub, programmers gather to share their ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and even work together on programming projects together.”

“We cover a variety of topics so people can understand the value of each,” Marwan explains. The sessions also cover practical skills such as writing a resume to equip programmers with everything they need to succeed in their careers. “At Tech Hub, programmers gather to share their ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and even work together on programming projects together.” He adds.

While the Moslawi tech scene is in its early phases, a few initiatives like The Station’s Yanhad Bootcamps and Mosul Space’s frequent courses had a great impact on the community in the past three years, resulting in the launch of the first wave of web developers and a fair number of ambitious tech startups. However, with the recent decrease in international funding and the lack of quality education, the technology sector is still far from reaching maturity. By supporting Tech Hub, and providing it with space and a fast internet service, Qaf Lab, which recently joined the IRADA Network, is trying to fill the gap and give a thriving space for developers to grow and learn together. 

“Tech Hub has shown a promising potential of success since its beginning,” said Marwan, “ Many members landed internships and started doing freelance work. The Tech Hub’s group is always active, developers sharing work opportunities and collaborating daily” He added. 

Marwan hopes to increase the Tech Hub’s current reach and inspire tech enthusiasts in other Iraqi provinces to launch their own tech hubs, while also educating their peers about the latest trends and topics in the field. “I think the idea of a tech hub can be very widespread,” Marwan explains, shining with excitement. “I believe in the butterfly effect. We will help people gain the right skills, improve their skills, and prepare communities for a government-led digital transformation.”

Initiatives such as Tech Hub represent grassroots endeavors to make a positive change in the city’s private sector. With a resilient spirit and a hunger for knowledge, Mosul’s tech scene is paving the way for an exciting future, one line of code at a time.

Abdulla Thaier

Freelance Writer

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