I’m an Iraqi woman with an enthusiasm for exploring, learning and creating. Driven by challenge, I have been doing illustration and design since I was a little child, but started working professionally in 2013. 


Badass Iraqiah: A traditionally styled woman, wearing an abaya which does not hinder her fashion sense

Afandi is a famous title that used to be carried by noblemen meaning ‘lord’ or ‘master’.

7 Eyes: An ultimate version of seven eyes. Seven eyes can be found in almost every Iraqi house. Some Iraqis believe that the Seven Eyes are capable of warding off the evil eye.

Bebe بيبي او الحجية: Old Iraqi women from the South are known for their very kind hearts and lovely stories. These women have been through a lot, from wars to living under the rules of tribes. Many of them have lost a child, but they continue to share hope.

Abstract Shapes: Crafted in a modern look and inspired by traditional Baghdadi art, abstract shapes represent the cup of tea, Fatima’s hand (Khamsa hand), palm and crescent shape. At least one of those shapes that can be found in every Iraqi  home. These strong elements are represented as women meeting in one place.


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