Here’s How Lezan Is Revolutionising Iraq’s Job Search Experience

Shahez Rabati came across a disheartening story amidst reports about Kurdish people stranded at the Polish-Belarusian border. The story that caught his attention involved a woman who had decided to flee Kurdistan, leaving behind her meagerly paid job at a bakery where she earned 10,000 Iraqi Dinars a day. Shahez could not help but contemplate the difficult choice she faced—leaving her homeland seemed more manageable than enduring such low wages. 

shahez rabati
Shahez Rabati, Founder of Lezan

It was increasingly obvious that the labour market in Iraq faced a huge problem. Jobs seemed to exist but people struggled to find employment that paid well. Most people relied on social media platforms to search for jobs, making the labour market even more fragmented, and struggled to access informed job opportunities. Although some job search platforms did exist, their frustrating user experiences turned them into a last resort for desperate individuals.

A Platform that needs no Manual

Having specialised in artificial intelligence, Shahez was determined to revolutionise the labour market. He envisioned a platform that would simplify the job search process and eliminate the need for manual interventions. This vision led him to create Lezan, a jobs platform with a product-centric approach and automated processes. His vision was to create a platform that was so intuitive that users would need no manual to understand how to use it.

Job seekers can easily navigate the platform to find suitable employment opportunities. Through filling out a simple form, they must answer a few key questions about their qualifications, background, and work experience. Based on their responses, Lezan generates a professionally designed CV tailored to their profile. 

If called back for an interview, candidates can also ask Lezan’s AI-powered solution for interview advice customised to the job they applied to. 

A Platform that works for Businesses

lezan applicant profile
Lezan asks a few questions to generate a profile and CV for job seekers

Businesses no longer have to wrack their brains to create job descriptions that accurately convey their requirements. Through Lezan, businesses can simply answer a few targeted questions about the job’s requirements. Within minutes, a concise and tailored job description is generated and posted. 

It also takes away the need to read through 100s of CVs as Lezan screens each CV and colour codes them. The most relevant CVs are highlighted in green, while the least suitable ones are marked in red. This saves businesses valuable time and ensures that they can focus on reviewing the most qualified candidates.

Since its official launch last year, the Lezan application has gained significant traction. It has been downloaded over 13,000 times and boasts an active user base of 5,000 individuals.

Job seekers have the option to choose between a free tier and a paid tier called Lezan Plus. The free tier provides features such as job search notifications and the generation of a standard CV. For those seeking enhanced features, Lezan Plus offers benefits like feedback to improve CVs and the ability to generate different CV versions based on specialty, such as a skill-focused CV, a design CV, or a tech-focused CV.

Similarly, businesses have the option to select between a free tier and a paid tier. The free tier allows them to post job openings and generate job descriptions. Alternatively, businesses can opt for the paid tier, which offers them access to a pool of potential candidates who may be suitable for the position but haven’t applied directly, with the added benefit of applicant screening and colour coding based on suitability for the posted job.

lezan candidate bank
Lezan provides headhunting opportunities with access to the candidate bank

Your Future Work Assistant

Shahez Rabati and his team have ambitious plans for Lezan. They envision the platform evolving into a comprehensive virtual work assistant, catering to various needs beyond job seeking. Whether you require interview advice, assistance with creating onboarding manuals for new employees, or feedback on your articles as a journalist, Lezan aims to be your go-to resource.

Behind the scenes, the Lezan team is tirelessly working to ensure that the platform remains user-friendly and intuitive. Their primary objective is to simplify the job search process to such an extent that users are inspired to change their existing job search behaviours. 

By offering an array of features and services, Lezan strives to become an indispensable tool that users willingly embrace in their quest for professional success. It also exemplifies other startups in Iraq that provide innovative solutions to real problems locals struggle with.

Joining the Lezan platform takes minutes. Visit and register today.

Khamael Al Safi

Khamael is passionate about understanding the work of startups and the stories of entrepreneurs, particularly those in Iraq. She is also passionate about helping young people build employability skills for the job market and has taught subjects in entrepreneurship, organisational behaviour and psychology to undergrad and postgrad students in London and Dubai. Having worked in consulting for both the private and public sector in the Middle East, she has been involved in training and advisory on corporate governance and accountability, as well as building open, trustworthy data ecosystems.

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