I am a Kurdish artist living in Erbil. I’ve been drawing since childhood. My skills are a gift from God and i’ve been trying to improve my talent since 2010. 

Mother's Love
A mother is the starting point for love and compassion. Mothers are the ones who teach their children to love and spread the love for coming generations. When we hear about true love we mainly think about mothers because the love for their children is without any doubt always available without expecting anything back.
The Girl and the Power Hands
The Girl and the Power Hands - It indicates that the power comes from the woman and the woman is the power.. The Flowers and the Diamond Crown - the most beautiful plant and the purest jewellery in the world.. This is the woman in my vision the most beautiful and the purest creature.. The color Violet indicates ownership and health, and it indicates strength and ambition, and the light color of it gives a feeling of nostalgia and romance, and the purple color gives a sense of mystery, imagination and creativity.. I believe all women are no less than queens.
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