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A Battle of Time: Coronavirus And Technology

Everything suddenly changed. Some people found themselves without anything to do; it was like getting stuck at a red light, forever. Others don’t even have the time to talk to their families because they are on the frontlines fighting the virus. This situation has made us feel like life has stopped. Students all over the […]Read More

The Other Side Of Quarantine

This is a guest post by our writing competition winner Alaa Ghassan Qahtan, an engineering student at Al-Nahrain University in Baghdad. Alaa aspires to one day be an unforgettable writer and has been writing articles since 2015. After publishing her first article in 2016, Alaa has tried to create her own writing style as she […]Read More

The Power Of Social Media In The Iraq Protests

As much as social media has become an addictive habit that has led our generation to be constantly glued to our phone screens; it has also been a force for change. Social media platforms are seen as the meeting rooms of demonstrators across the world. The Iraq protests are no exception. In case you have […]Read More

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