Fatimah Oleiwi

I’m a graduate of the Languages Faculty, English Translation department. I’m the Digital Copywriter and English Translator for Iraqi Innovators, an NGO and media platform for technology news and local entrepreneurship that aims to spread the culture of innovation, and build a generation of Arab innovators and future leaders!


The Creative Businesses In Karbala Run By Students

Karbala’s entrepreneurs show us a side of the city that provides a differing narrative from its religious significance. Driven largely by students, these creative businesses in Karbala are fulfilling a need among youth for artistic expression and cheaper alternatives to mainstream options. Now, as the rest of Iraq’s entrepreneurship sector grows, Karbala is in the […]Read More

Here’s Why Iraq’s Startup Sector Needs More Writers

Iraq occupies a prominent place in world history as the homeland of writing. The oldest written literature originated from ancient Mesopotamia when the Sumerian civilisation first developed writing around 3400 BC. Sumerian writers would copy poetry, essays, and hymns. Today, Baghdad and Sulaimaniya are registered UNESCO cities of literature. All over the country, we find […]Read More

KAPITA And Partners Launch Orange Corners Baghdad

In recent years, Iraq has witnessed a rise in training programs that encourage Iraqi youth to start their own businesses. The goal of these programs is to strengthen the role of vocational training and advance the country’s socioeconomic status. In aid of this goal, KAPITA, in partnership with the Dutch embassy in Baghdad and Asiacell […]Read More

#MadeInIraq The Najaf Startups Breaking Stereotypes

Iraq’s startup stories commonly originate from Erbil and Baghdad. Lesser known are the startups operating in Najaf, just 100 miles south of Baghdad. Najaf is widely known as Iraq’s religious capital and the centre of Shia theology and knowledge. However, a startup scene is emerging despite the lack of funding and training for entrepreneurs in […]Read More

The Power Of Social Media In The Iraq Protests

As much as social media has become an addictive habit that has led our generation to be constantly glued to our phone screens; it has also been a force for change. Social media platforms are seen as the meeting rooms of demonstrators across the world. The Iraq protests are no exception. In case you have […]Read More

The Iraqi Nerds Bringing You Closer To Pop Culture

A new wave of creative startups are emerging, whereby international trends are merged with Iraqi culture. A lack of relevant jobs in the country makes it increasingly difficult to find passionate and purposeful employment. As a result, many young people are trying to create a business out of their hobbies so that they can do […]Read More

4 Ways Technology Can Enhance Your Trip To Iraq For

Muslims across the world have been developing their own handy tech tools that reflect both their culture and religion. Technology has helped to express religious identity, connect with society, and participate in rituals, including the yearly ziyarat (travels) to Iraq for Arbaeen and the Hajj pilgrimage.  Cyber Ziyarat The way we interact with religious sites […]Read More