Field Ready Announces Launch of Erbil Innovation House (Formerly Known As Re:Coded House)

NGO and makerspace Field Ready is partnering with Re:Coded to re-open the doors to Gulan Street’s co-working space, now re-named the Erbil Innovation House. 

Formerly known as Re:Coded House and managed by Re:Coded, the co-working space has been closed since September 2020 and is re-launching as the Erbil Innovation House on 1st February 2021.

Erbil Innovation House lounge area

The Erbil Innovation House will continue to offer co-working facilities including work desks, internet, and hot drinks, along with access to meeting rooms and Field Ready’s now expanded makerspace.

EIH 100

“In the last two years, Field Ready has seen first-hand the incredible enthusiasm and talent of young people in Erbil (and across Iraq and Kurdistan) to master new technologies and the business opportunities as a result. We are thrilled that ‘Erbil Innovation House’ will once again provide a hub for the community. I am especially excited that our expanded makerspace offers even more equipment for prototyping and production to meet local needs!”

Susan Long, Middle East Innovation Lead, Field Ready

The House will operate Sunday to Thursday from 9am to 7pm, with strict COVID-19 safety guidelines. All visitors and members must book in advance to reserve a desk, wear a mask and follow the social distancing rules displayed.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Field Ready to relaunch Erbil Innovation House and provide the community with a space to connect, work, and learn. After a challenging year in 2020, we believe that having physical spaces that inspire through shared connection is more important than ever.” 

Alexandra Clare, CEO and Co-Founder, Re:Coded

To visit or work from the Erbil Innovation House, call 07518236210 to reserve your place. The House can be found on the 3rd floor, Nergiz Plaza (next to Azkadenya), Gulan Street, Erbil.

The Erbil Innovation House is supported by the German Federal Government through the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH.

About Field Ready

Field Ready is a non-governmental organisation dedicated to empowering people living in complex environments to make the things they need, where and when they need them. 

Our vision is to meet development goals through technology, innovative design, and engaging people in new ways. We make useful items to solve problems locally using the latest and traditional technology. We build capacity to continue this through makerspaces and communities of makers.

About Re:Coded

Re:Coded is a non-profit organization giving aspiring youth from untapped communities the skills and resources to thrive in the digital economy. We teach digital skills and the critical mindset to thrive in the job market and encourage our fellows to become lifelong learners and leaders.

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